Millwall RFC
Founded in 1995, Isle of Dogs based rugby club



Jersey Sponsorship

One of the focuses of the club today is to diversify sponsorship and encourage local businesses to be part of Millwall RFC. We aim to sell each arm of each jersey and two spaces on the back of all jerseys. This means the number 6 jersey, for example, will have two different sponsors on each arm compared with the sponsors on the number 13 jersey. This will result in a kit which is unique, different and flexible to sponsors budgets. The sponsorship of these jerseys will have a 3 year lifespan as they transition from the firsts to the seconds and then to the thirds each season. 
There will also be a page in each of the seasons game programmes for jersey sponsors graphically showing what company sponsors which jersey. 





One Sleeve on one jersey Sponsorship (Single Jersey)        

One Sleeve on one jersey Sponsorship (Multiple Jerseys)     

Both Sleeves Sponsorship (Single Jersey)

Back of Jersey (All team  Jerseys)

Match Week Sponsorship

A sponsorship board has been designed (please see below) which will be placed on the wall beside the main road facing the Island Gardens Station. It will receive passing views from ( 2,996,639* yearly) pedestrians, drivers and commuters alike. The board has interchangeable details such as Venue, KO, sponsored by and that weeks first team opposition. The offer includes the following for £500,

  • Sunday - Saturday: Company logo displayed on sign as this weeks first team match sponsor.
  • Depending on week purchased, two weeks sponsorship may be available (cup weeks, no match days, Christmas, etc) this will be selected on a first come first served basis.
  • Match Day: Logo printed on individual "match week sponsorship" page in programme and included in each weeks overall "Match Sponsors" page.

Carrot Cars

Carrot Cars offers a cheap, clean and reliable minicab service for business and residential customers who value speed and quality. A 24/7 365 days a year service to cover everything you can expect from a professional minicab company and more.

For more information please visit

Millwall Rugby is proudly supported by Carrot Cars

Millwall Rugby is proudly supported by Carrot Cars


If you would be interested in sponsoring Millwall Rugby please get in touch with our Sponsorship Officer Matt Evans and club captain Ronan Murray for more information. Email Ronan  Email Matt