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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to wear for training?

In the summer: Loose gym/running wear/shorts. Footwear: preferrebly molded football or rugby boots, but trainers are OK too.

In the winter: As the ground is softer, metal studded/bladed football or rugby boots are best. Shorts and a top to suit the weather; we train come rain or shine. For contact training sessions, a gumshield is essential.


How do I join?

Just come down to training one day and meet us or give us a call. We also recommend you sign up to our mailing list to start hearing about our activities and sessions.


I've never played before, will you teach me?

Yes. We are delighted to teach new members.


I don't think I'm built for rugby, can I get involved somehow?

Rugby is a game for all builds, tall, short, heavy, small, super fit, or somewhat less-fit. There's sure to be a place for you on the team... why not give it a go?

If actually playing isn't your thing, you can still train with us or join us as a social member.


I'm not sure I want to play yet. Can I just come to social events or your training sessions?

Yes, of course.




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